Manage & prove control of risks in all your risk entities

Risks are everywhere and can be organizational, locational or related to bow tie barriers. Inbario enables you to manage these risk entities in real time and evaluate them on a regular basis to keep an updated companywide risk picture.

Combined risk and barrier management

  • Effectively manage your risk entities in area maps and in bow ties for targeted and effective barrier management
  • Document control by evaluating risk entities on a regular basis

Live stream of threats and opportunities

  • Interact, adjust, mitigate and delegate in real-time
  • Benefit from the opportunities as they happen and avoid escalation of threats
  • Introducing area maps for safe work execution in high risk areas

Collaborate with your stakeholders

  • Share knowledge and invite collaborators for better informed decisions
  • Discuss threats, opportunities and evaluations
  • Achieve and benefit from a true risk culture