How about becoming our co-founder and new CTO?

Inbario is developing a SaaS for risk management. We have patents, and we are in our second round of funding from Innovation Norway. We have a prototype up and running and a competent team with domain knowledge. We now seek our new CTO who can take lead as IT architect and in following up on […]

by Harald Amundsen By March 3, 2021

Patent update (USA)

In an update from the USPTO it has been stated that our risk visualisation concept will most likely be accepted as a patent in the USA. The US patent will be the second patent granted to Inbario in 2021.

by Harald Amundsen By

Patent awarded

Inbario has been awarded a patent for our aggregation of risks concept. The patent cover both manual configuration and configuration by the use of AI.

by Harald Amundsen By

Innovation Norway commercialization grant to Inbario

Inbario has received a commercialization grant from Innovation Norway. The grant gives a substantial economical freedom that is critical to the company at its present stage. We are now able to proceed in a manner and at a pace that would not have been possible without the grant. The purpose of the grant is to […]

by Olga Bugaeva By September 22, 2017