Introducing team based
Task & Risk management


Achieve true collaboration

Let your teams cooperate on their tasks and risks - all in one place.
This is a fun, effective and transparent way to collaborate. 

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360 degree view of tasks, threats and opportunities

Your whole organisation have access to the platform and can all drill down and see exactly what's going on in every part of the processes.

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Patents adds value

Our visualisation and aggregation patents will change the way you work.

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Inbario has been successfully assisted by Patent Law Firms Curo AS and Alix Yale & Ristas, LLP for U.S Litigation.



Latest News

Another Patent awarded to Inbario

We are pleased to announce that another patent has been awarded to Inbario. This US patent is titled Method and System for Presentation of Risks.

Patent update (USA)

In an update from the USPTO it has been stated that our risk visualisation concept will most likely be accepted as a patent in the USA. The US patent will be the second patent granted to Inbario in 2021.

Patent awarded

Inbario has been awarded a patent for our aggregation of risks concept. The patent cover both manual configuration and configuration by the use of AI.

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