Achieve better performance
and grow your company with
total visibility of all risks.


Achieve true risk culture

Inbario optimizes risk management and positions you for success by making it quick and easy to manage threats and opportunities in all of your risk entities.

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360 degree view of threats and opportunities

Risks are everywhere and can be organizational, locational or related to bow tie barriers. Inbario enables you to manage these risk entities in real time to keep an updated companywide risk picture. Finally it is possible to get a 360 degree view of your organization’s risk landscape.

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Simplicity adds value

Simplicity adds value – unless you run into oversimplification. Inbario hits the balance. Inbario makes risk and barrier management simple, while still providing the industry standard essentials. Previously a whole suite of different tools were required for barrier management, risk management, operational risk handling, visualization and collaboration – with Inbario you will get it all in one tool.

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Your tool is visual and easy to use even for complex projects with several approval and communication lines.

Magne, Stavanger

Project Lead

Your solutions will enable our organization to collaborate effectively from day-to-day with organizational, project and locational risk.

John, Oslo

Product Manager

Latest News

How about becoming our co-founder and new CTO?

Inbario is developing a SaaS for risk management. We have patents, and we are in our second round of funding from Innovation Norway. We have a prototype up and running and a competent team with domain knowledge. We now seek our new CTO who can take lead as IT architect and in following up on […]

Patent update (USA)

In an update from the USPTO it has been stated that our risk visualisation concept will most likely be accepted as a patent in the USA. The US patent will be the second patent granted to Inbario in 2021.

Patent awarded

Inbario has been awarded a patent for our aggregation of risks concept. The patent cover both manual configuration and configuration by the use of AI.

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